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Sports and activities in Messenia

The area of Messenia is ideal for bicycle lovers. The city of Kalamata has, at its biggest part, cycle lanes which are ideal for rides, from the centre to the beach. Even closer to nature, in the forests of Messenia bicycle lovers will discover unique paths. Taygetus as well as the whole mountainous Messenia, hide unique paths for mountain cycling! So, just by a bicycle you can drive throughout the whole prefecture and enjoy the natural landscape.

The Hellenic Mountaineering Association of Kalamata organizes jaunts, hiking tours as well as climbing on a weekly basis. It has been operating since 1993, on a voluntary basis, and apart from Taygetus its program includes every area of Messenia and others as well. Hiking, mountaineering, climbing, mountainous cycling as well as mountaineering expeditions, all form part of the Association’s activities. The Association also organizes actions of environmental character.

The marina of Kalamata is the seat of South Greece Sailing Club, which has been founded aiming to disseminate sailing. The clubs offers lessons not only for adults, beginners and not. The Club’s members often participate in sailing races, with many honors. The large beach areas of Kalamata are ideal for those who love sailing.

The Nautical Club of Kalamata with a presence of many years in the city contributes to the dissemination not only of nautical sports and activities. Its registered office is in the city of Kalamata, at Navarinou Street. The Nautical Club has swimming, sailing, polo, volleyball and chess classes, with a rather big participation.

In the area of Kordias, on the West Beach of Kalamata, there is the Horse Riding Club of the city, since 2004. There are open-air racecourses as well as club houses from where the visitors can watch trainings or races. In the area of the Club, there is also a variety of activities held for riding lovers.

On the southwest side of Messenia, near Pylos city, in the facilities of Costa Navarino there is one of the biggest Golf Courses in Europe. It has been designed by golf champions and it attracts visitors from all over the world. In the course there is a coach as well as the necessary equipment.

Extreme sports lovers have the possibility to enjoy paragliding, or otherwise called “parapente” from Kalathi peak, next to Kalamata. The piste is at a very short distance from Verga area, at an altitude of 940 meters. There, before the adrenaline rises, the participants can enjoy the magnificent view of the whole city!


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