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Traditions of Messenia


One of the most popular customs in Kalamata, which is still preserved with great participation of the people, is the so-called “Saitopolemos”. Every year, on Easter Sunday, in the evening the crowds of people who hold darts (“saitologoi”) gather at the west beach of the city. With paper darts that they have made themselves, filled with gunpowder, the participants wear traditional costumes and revive the custom. According to the legend the darts were used by the Messenians, in order to face the Turkish cavalry, during the period of the Revolution. Even nowadays, the event attracts the interest of the people of the city, who even if they do not participate watch the spectacle.


Every year, in May, Kalamata welcomes spring in a special flower festival. Anthesteria festival includes the parade of chariots decorated with flowers in the centre of the city, in which students also participate. At the same time, a big flower show takes place in the Municipal Rail Park. In the framework of this show many artistic activities are held, as well as information and sensitization campaigns about environmental issues.


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